JDM Care® Antimicrobial Cleaning Solutions

Developing and Manufacturing Effective and Affordable Cleaning Products

We combine innovation and dedication to bring you proven solutions for a healthier community, household, and workplace. We’re committed to delivering quality cleaning products at competitive prices.

Founded in 2017, JDM Technology Inc (JDMcare) is dedicated to developing innovative products for the healthcare and industrial markets. JDMcare is a pioneer in infection prevention products for the healthcare community as well as cleaners for a variety of industrial and household markets. Located in Hayward California, our products are available through national and international distribution partners.

Bacteriostatic Sanitizing Spray

Sanitizing Wipes

NutraSpear™ PRO
Antibacterial Disinfectant

NutraSpear™ PRO
Antibacterial Disinfectant Wipes

NutraSpear™ Disinfecting
All Purpose Cleaner

Nutra Instrument Preclean

Ravicide Liquid Sterilant

Revuclean Instrument Cleaner

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