JDM Care® Antimicrobial Cleaning Solutions

Nutra Surgical Instrument Preclean

Nutra Instrument Preclean is an instrument friendly, alkaline solution that is designed to pre-clean critical medical/dental surgical instrumentation prior to terminal sterilization or high-level disinfection. The low-foaming, alkaline-pH is ideal for stainless steel instruments.

• Reduces cleaning and decontamination time by 50%
• Natural color and no foam
• Aggressively removes lipids and proteins
• Rinses easily
• Non-staining

Features and Benefits:

Instantly dissolves blood on surgical instruments.
Neutralizes the acidic effect of blood on surgical instruments to prevent pitting.
Minimizes oxidation and prevents rusting on surgical instruments.
Minimizes unpleasant odor of blood and bodily fluids on surgical instruments and leaves no residue on surgical instruments.

Directions for Use
Spray directly on soiled instruments.
Grossly soiled instruments and cannulated instruments can be soaked.

Manufactured for the pharmaceutical industry in a cGMP compliant, FDA registered facility