NutraSpear Bacteriostatic
Sanitizing Spray 32oz



When the typical cleaners and sanitizing sprays dry, they are done! They stop working as soon as they dry on the surface. NutraSpear™ isn’t typical. Once NutraSpear™ dries, it KEEPS ON WORKING, dealing with bacteria by using an invisible persistent bacteriostatic barrier that inhibits the growth of bacteria. No matter if it’s a countertop, changing table, or door handle.

NutraSpear’s range of sprays and wipes are designed for every application. We have you covered.  NutraSpear™ Sanitizing Spray is a single solution for cleaning virtually any hard surface. In one spray, you can clean and sanitize surfaces, while simultaneously applying the powerful barrier to inhibit microbes from colonizing and reproducing on the surface.


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Sanitizing Spray 32oz”

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