JDM Care® Antimicrobial Cleaning Solutions

Revuclean Instrument Cleaner

For the effective cleaning of surgical instruments and patient care equipment

Revuclean is designed to pre-clean critical or semi-critical medical devices prior to terminal sterilization or high-level disinfection. The alkaline-pH, the low foaming cleaner is ideal for stainless steel instruments and cart washer. It enhances the functionality and life of the instruments by helping to remove stains and reduce corrosion.

• Will not corrode, rust or dull instruments
• Kills bacterial spores

Features and Benefits

Revuclean makes soiled instrument cleaning so easy – instrument processing technicians no longer need to spend grueling hours scrubbing, brushing and flushing to remove bioburden. It cuts decontamination time by 50% and thus frees up hands to assemble and sterilize sets.

Directions for Use
Soak soiled instruments in Revuclean. Fill wash sink as needed, drain as needed and scrub as required with minimal effort. Brush soiled instruments clean, flush lumens till clear and rinse with water before mechanical washing.

Rinse with deionized water when only manual cleaning is required before instrument assembly and sterilization.  Manufactured in a cGMP compliant, FDA registered and list product and facility